Rent a beer sommelier

Sommelier services

For HoReCa

Beer presents itself in a variety of colours, aroma and flavours. Offer your clients an unforgettable gastronomic experience by having a nice selection of beers and helping them choose the right beer for the occasion.

  • Custom beer list

    More and more, consumers expect to find specialty beers available in their favourite bars and restaurants. We’ll help you put together a list of beers fitting your clients’ needs.

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  • Staff training

    Beer, just like wine, needs special care in storing, serving and presenting. We train your staff on the ins and outs and explain the characteristics of your beer selection.

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  • Special evenings

    Organise an evening dedicated to beer with a professional beer sommelier at your bar or restaurant. We not only help you organising this special evening, we will also take care of the presentation!

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  • Beer of the month

    Offer your clients something new without the hastle of a fixed beer list. We can consult you on the selection based on what your or our suppliers can offer.

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  • Food pairing

    Beer offers a far greater variety in flavour profiles than any other drink in the world. Matching a dish with the right beer turns it into a wonderful culinary experience!

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For breweries

Brewers are exceptionally creative and dedicated people. They put their hearts into their carefully crafted beers and know them better than anybody else. Still, it can be valuable to get the feedback or the help of an external, professional sommelier.

  • Tasting notes

    Have your beers sampled by an independent, professional beer sommelier. You will receive a full visual, olfactory and gustatory description with food pairing suggestions for you to use in promotional materials such as brochures and websites.

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  • Presentations

    Want to publicly announce and present a new beer? Want to organise an event for your clients? Use the service of an independent, professional beer sommelier to present your beers and guide your guests through the evening.

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For media & others

We don’t just offer services to other beer-related professionals. We can also provide our input for any other beer-related activity at any other occasion.

  • Beer expertise

    Contact us if you need the advice of an independent, professional beer sommelier for any beer-related topic. For written media (newspapers, magazines, websites, …) or radio and TV.

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  • Beer writing

    We are available to write or collaborate at putting together articles about beer, reviews, blog posts, etc.

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  • Receptions

    If you are organising a reception or inauguration, why not offer your guest some delicious craft beers? We will bring carefully selected beers and take care of presenting them.

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  • Tasting sessions

    The best way to discover the immense diversity of beers is by tasting them. Check out our dedicated “tastings” page for an overview of our standard thematic evenings. Of course, we can always create a custom event based on your needs.

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Nico De Backer, beer sommelier

A beer sommelier is a trained professional specialising in the service and knowledge of beer. Nico De Backer is a Certified Beer Server (Cicerone Certification Program, US) and Sommelier svizzero della birra® (GastroSuisse, CH).

  • Certified Beer Server in the Cicerone® Program
  • Sommelier svizzero della birra®

Beer tastings

In addition to the professional sommelier services described on this page, we also offer beer tastings for private groups in the comfort of your own home or in a rented space. Check out our proposed themes and public tastings schedule on our dedicated “Tastings” page.